Negin Motamed Khorasani was born in Tehran , into a family with generations of cultural abundance. Her father was a geography, history, and sociology teacher (BSc in History and Geography from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, MS in Adult Education, MS in Economic Geography from Tehran University) among whose hobbies were reading, writing poems, painting, and playing flute. Negin's mother was an English teacher (BSc in English Literature from University of Tehran) a pious lady with calligraphy being her hobby after her grandfather and her great grandfather who were both recognized by the Royal family at the time as the finest calligraphers of their own time and were granted royal titles such as “Kateb-ol-khaghan” and “kateb-ol-soltaan”.

Negin has been inspired by mystery of existence since early childhood, shaping her interests in philosophy, physics, mythology, psychology, mystic literature and art. She developed a serious interest in reading and following these subjects thanks to her father’s rich book collection. Also she discovered the joy of writing since teen years in the form of school essays, short stories, and later on, poetry.

Due to her interest in visual art and at the same time to fulfill her parents’ point of view of a rewarding professional path, she chose architecture which seemed a combination of art and practicality as her university major. She was very successful during years of studies and graduated with outstanding academic achievement and a Master degree in Architecture in 1999 from Azad University of Tehran. While studying she started her professional career in one of the most reputable architectural corporations in Tehran.

During years of studies Negin followed her artistic interests in paining, poetry and literature, music and cinema by enrolling in extra classes and courses as well as her personal search and inquiry. At the age of twenty two, Negin discovered Heartfulness Mediation and since then Heartfulness has been an ever-growing part of her life. In 2010 she was trained in India and was permitted to work as a trainer in this method of Raja Yoga.

In 2014 she moved to Toronto, Canada to join the rest of her family. Currently she lives in Beaverton, Ontario and works in the field of architecture and planning by profession. She is studying Psychology as well as pursuing painting, photography and poetry in her leisure time. Guiding and training people in meditation is another important aspect of her daily life and she holds community group meditation sessions in different towns and cities of Ontario including New Earth Estate. She enjoys being in Nature, whether it is doing gardening at home, walking in Nature or simply listening to it in silence.

Negin’s poetry and articles have been publishing in magazines such as Tehran Avenue, Tonic Toronto, Constant Remembrance and Heartfulness Magazine, in Farsi, French and English.

Negin Motamed Khorasani

"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop"

– Rumi

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